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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images are a popular image format commonly used on websites and for image sharing. PNG images support transparency unlike JPGs, use lossless compression so you don’t lose image quality when saving the file multiple times, and provide good image quality for their file size.

Thanksgiving is a holiday full of opportunities for decorative imagery – from food to wreaths to seasonal borders. The PNG format is well-suited for these graphics since the images need to be placed on websites, shared on social media, sent by email, and more. Using PNG images and clipart also allows the underlying website background or photo to show through transparent regions of the image.

Popular Thanksgiving PNG Image Themes

Popular Thanksgiving PNG images and clipart themes include:

Food Images: Turkeys, pumpkin pies, cranberries, vegetables, bread. These transparent images can be overlayed on feast photos.

Decorations: Wreaths, leaves, autumn fruits, banners with “Happy Thanksgiving”. Used to decorate holiday blog posts, websites, emails, and social media posts.

Borders and Frames: Fancy borders with leaves, scallops, pilgrim hats to frame photos, cards, posters, invitations related to Thanksgiving.

Greetings and Messages: Images with “Happy Thanksgiving” quotes to share with friends/family. Goes well with the decorated borders.

Benefits of Using Thanksgiving PNG Images

Some benefits of using PNG images for Thanksgiving designs and messages rather than JPEG/GIF include:

Transparency – Allows background image/color to show through the empty/transparent regions. Great for overlays.

Lossless compression – Saves logically without losing quality despite multiple saves.

Lightweight – Creates small files sizes even for complex images. Quickly loads on websites.

Least pixelation – Provides highest quality image reproduction when zooming in or vectorizing.

Image Editing and Customization

Once you’ve downloaded free Thanksgiving PNG images, use image editing software like GIMP or Photoshop to customize and adapt them further:

Resize and crop – to perfectly fit your layout.

Add stylized text – relevant to Thanksgiving – quotes, greetings, messages etc using decorative holiday fonts.

Layer multiple images – like a turkey, frame, wreath to create a custom graphic.

Change colors – to match website palette using hue/saturation.

Add custom embellishments – like sparkles.

Attributing and Citing Image Sources

When sharing or posting edited PNG images from free image sites, be sure to provide attribution based on licensing:

Credit the site and specific creator – if mentioned in license. This encourages creators to release more free images.

Link to license – like CC-BY, CC-0 that allows sharing and adaptations. This protects yourself legally.

Mention changes – made while remixing to distinguish from original work.

Thanksgiving PNG Borders and Frames

PNG format is ideal for Thanksgiving borders and frames that need transparent backgrounds to seamlessly integrate with photos:

Wreath borders – with autumn leaves, berries, ribbons. Includes separate branches, pine cones for layering over photos.

Watercolor frames – with paint splashes in fall colors- warm yellows, oranges, reds, browns. Looks artistic.

Pilgrim hat borders – shaped as traditional hats with black hat bands. Usually white background so automatically blends well overlayed on images.

Burlap fabric borders – styled as stitched burlap with altered saturation and torn edges for a vintage vibe.

Thanksgiving PNG Icons and Buttons

Small decorative icons and buttons in PNG format serve various graphic design purposes:

Fall leaves icons – in varied colors and shapes make good page accents blended well with backgrounds.

Turkey icons – facing left/right, black outlines or filled variants available to indicate Thanksgiving theme.

Buttons withgradient fall foliage – for clean modernflat design. Use rounded rect, circle or leaf shapes.

Wreath icons – as circular icons symbollizing welcoming abundance. Used in headers,menus, navigation, tags.

Animated Thanksgiving PNG Images

Adding subtle animations enhances holiday webpages and social media graphics:

Falling leaves overlays in PNG format simulate leaves drifiting down. Available in warm autumn shades.

Animated sparkle overlays in white/gold colors represent magical feeling of the festive season.

Falling snow overlays combine icy and warm tonesfor cozy winter comfort. Has a friendly comforting motiff.

AnimatedGIFs with simple Thanksgiving messages and blessings when PNGs don’t suffice.

Printing and Sharing Thanksgiving PNG Graphics

To take full advantage of Thanksgiving PNG images you create, be sure to print and share them:

Print posters, banners – with customized graphics for holiday events, school activities using quality office printers or digital printing services for large format.

Email friends and family – your festive designs as virtual greeting cards, wishes, invites embedded into messages.

Post on social media – channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest by directly uploading creations. Enable downloading.

Share with attribution – on public license friendly sites like Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay to spread smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope this gives lots of ideas and directions for fully utilizing all kinds of Thanksgiving imagery available as PNG graphics and clipart this holiday season for designs, messages, sharing and celebrations.

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