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Surfing traces back centuries to Polynesian island cultures riding waves on wooden boards. Today, surfing thrives as an aquatic sport globally with popular surf destinations and competitions. Modern surfboard designs allow riding all kinds of waves from small cruising waves to towering barrels.

Surfboard Designs

Many shapes and dimensions suit different surfing styles:

  • Shortboards – Small, light boards for high performance maneuvering in smaller waves
  • Longboards – Long, wide boards for stability cruising on mellower waves
  • Funboards – Medium boards balancing performance and wave-catching abilities
  • Fishes – Thicker, wider tails inspired by retro twin-fins ridden in the 70s
  • Gun Surfboards – Narrow boards for paddling fast and riding bigger waves

Factors like length, width, thickness and fins help dictate handling.

Surfboard Construction

Early 20th century boards used wood, then evolved into:

  • Polyurethane – Light foam covered in epoxy and fiberglass cloth
  • Epoxy – Stiff, durable resin and cloth surrounding EPS foam
  • Hollow Wood – Hand-shaped custom wood boards left hollow for lightness

Advancements enhanced durability, performance and wave responsiveness.

Parts of a Surfboard

  • Deck – Top surface where surfer stands
  • Hull – Bottom of board
  • Rails – Board’s side edges from nose to tail
  • Fins – Appendages on underside for directional stability
  • Leash – Ankle tether attaching surfer to board

Different parts contribute to speed, control and wave catching during a session.

Custom Surfboards

Many local shapers handcraft custom boards tailored a surfer’s size, style and local waves. Benefits over stock boards include personalized dimensions, graphics and quality materials for premium construction.

Legendary brands like Channel Islands Surfboards and …Lost Surfboards… started from grassroots board makers invested in performance designs.

Surf Culture

Surfing embodies adventure, freedom and harmony with the ocean. Hotspots boast their own localized flavor and lifestyle – from North Shore Hawaii’s big wave pioneers, Huntington Beach’s Surf City competitive clan to Byron Bay, Australia’s hip surf gypsies.

Clothing, music, photography and events share the stoke worldwide.

Surfboard Art

Creative embellishment gives personality to bare foam. Painting, airbrushing and glassing turn craft into art celebrating brands, causes and creativity. Notables include:

  • Drew Brophy – Renowned muralist with iconic tropical and tribal motifs
  • Dick Brewer – Precision shapes with Hawaiian imagery
  • Ryan Lovelace – Bright palette custom airbrush artist

Surfboard Clip Art

Surfboard clipart provides digital artwork of boards and related themes. Versatile uses include:

  • Surf shop promos and sales flyers
  • Event branding for contests and festivals
  • Apparel graphics for tees, tanks and hoodies
  • Tattoo designs honoring surf culture
  • Blogs, magazines and websites
  • Party invitations, greeting cards
  • Scrapbooks, calendars, posters

Vector-based images cleanly scale to any size without losing resolution.

Types of Surfboard Clip Art

Trendy illustration styles range from:

  • Retro and vintage motifs harkening 60’s and 70’s eras
  • Contemporary tricks and maneuvers
  • Backlit silhouettes of boards and palms
  • Badges with ocean waves, sunrays and tribal elements
  • Surf-themed fonts and typography
  • Pro surfer cameo decals and logos
  • Tropical florals, sea turtles, sunrays patterns

In this page clipartix present 53 surfboard clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Surfboard Clipart that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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