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Snakes make for iconic and visually striking animals that can inspire fear and fascination. Their unique shapes and forms also make them popular subjects for clipart and graphic’s. This article explores the popularity of snakes and snake clipart.

A Brief Background on Snakes

Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles that can be found on every continent except Antarctica. There are around 3,700 species of snakes in the world, exhibiting incredible diversity in size, coloration, habitat, and more.

Some key facts about snakes:

  • Snakes use flickering tongues to pick up scent particles from the air. This helps them detect prey and predators.
  • Rather than ears, snakes have internal ears and can detect ground vibrations very well.
  • Snakes shed their skin periodically as they grow. The outer layer peels off in one piece.
  • Snakes swallow their prey whole and have very flexible jaws to accommodate larger meals.
  • While some snakes lay eggs, others give birth to live young.

Snakes inhabit many ecosystems and serve important roles as both predator and prey. Some species like cobras and rattlesnakes are venomous, using toxic bites to subdue prey before eating it.

The Symbolic Importance of Snakes

Beyond the biological fascination with snakes, there is also a rich symbolic importance associated with them. Snakes have had major representation in mythology, legends, religions, arts, and more across human cultures.

Some symbolic associations with snakes include:

  • Fertility – Snakes shed skin for rebirth and some species lay many eggs. This ties them to fertility themes.
  • Deception – Their winding shape allows them to hide and camouflage easily, linking them to stealth and deceit.
  • Venom and medicine – The line between poison and cure is thin, so snakes epitomize the good and bad in healing.
  • Guardianship – Coiled snakes ready to strike represent warding something valuable or sacred.
  • Uncertainty – The unpredictability of a snake inspires associations with the unknown.

The power of the snake symbol leads us to use them even today in flags, company logos, allegorical works, and more. Their symbolic visual impact remains widespread.

Why Snakes Make Great Clipart

Snakes possess key visual attributes that make them function extremely well as clipart and graphic elements. Some reasons why snakes do well as clipart subjects include:

Unique Shape

The elongated shape of snakes with twisting coils and no legs or arms is very distinctive. This allows snake clipart to be identified easily at small sizes too. The curves lend themselves well to decoration too.


Snakes can contort and adapt their coils into many shapes. This makes it easy to morph snake clipart to fit different spaces and graphic elements. They can frame objects, wrap around text, and more.

Textures & Patterns

The scales and textures of snakes provide graphic interest. Their patterns like spots, diamonds, zig-zags etc. can embellish designs. These can be abstracted in clipart for ornamentation.

Symbolic Associations

The metaphorical links of snakes offer diverse contextual associations. Snake clipart may be used to communicate themes of medicine, deceit, uncertainty, fertility and more.

Stark Contrast

The elongated shape and patterns on snakes allow for bold graphics with stark contrast. This visually arresting element commands attention.


Snake bodies lend themselves well to being broken into modular pieces like coils, curves, heads etc. These can be replicated and rearranged in clipart for impact.

Popular Uses of Snake & Snake Clipart

Let’s explore some of the most prominent applications of snake imagery and snake clipart:


The unique visual power of snakes makes them extremely suitable for logos. Pharmaceutical companies like Serum Institute use snakes to hint at their medical products. Fashion brands like Sergio Rossi employ them for luxury impact.

Political cartoons & Caricatures

The deceptive associations of snakes show up commonly in cartoons criticizing sly and duplicitous political behavior. They may suggest underlying threats too.

Posters & Flyers

Snake shapes can effectively draw attention as graphic elements on posters and flyers. They can emphasize warnings or highlight information in eye-catching ways.

Magazine & Book Covers

The textural coils and striking patterns of snakes enable excellent book and magazine cover designs. Concepts involving forbidden knowledge, unpredictability or fertility particularly employ snakes.


From simple snake outlines to intricate realistic designs – snake tattoos are immensely popular globally. They carry varied personal symbolic meaning for wearers regarding overcoming fears, change etc.


Snake skins and patterns translate beautifully to textile design. Fashion designers frequently incorporate snakeskin leather into shoes, bags and garments for its distinct texture.


In addition to diamonds and gems, gold and silver snake jewelry also sees high demand. Snake forms for bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings capture attention with a bold, sinuous shape.

Phone Cases & Accessories

The flexibility of snake shapes and patterns allows them to wrap easily around curved surfaces. This makes snakes a favorite among decorative phone case and tech accessory designs.

Greeting Cards & Invitations

Snakes can spice up greeting cards for exotic pet owners or herpetologists. Bridal shower cards also integrate snake motifs to hint at the Biblical Garden of Eden.


The prototypical snake game involves controlling a growing snake to eat apples while avoiding obstacles and itself. This concept spawned the legendary cellphone game Snake as well as applications like

Movies & Games

Snakes and nagas are also extensively featured in movies, mythology games, gambling interfaces etc. as both symbolic plot devices and threatening elements.

As we’ve seen, snakes offer tremendous visual graphic power and metaphorical potential. This root of snake clipart’s popularity in communicating themes from danger to fertility across many applications. Their symbolic visual flexibility will continue captivating us well into the future. With better design tools, snake clipart will evolve as well.

Snakes have versatile symbolic meaning coupled with unique graphic features. This potent blend results in widespread use of snake shapes and snake clipart across logos, tattoos, textiles, visual media and more. As snakes continue fascinating humankind, so too will their graphical depictions spread.

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