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School buses are essential vehicles that transport students to and from school each day. They are designed to keep children safe while travelling the planned bus routes picked up from the designated bus stops. Most school buses are painted yellow and are longer and taller than regular buses, with the recognizable bus shape making them easy to identify.

Types of School Buses

There are a few different types or sizes of school buses used to transport students of various ages:

  • Type A – The smallest type, about the size of a large van. They hold 10-30 passengers and are used for special needs transport or preschool/daycare routes.
  • Type B – Larger than Type A but smaller than a full-sized bus. Holds 20-36 passengers and has flat front design. Used for daycares as well as elementary and middle school routes.
  • Type C – Full-sized, conventional school bus. Holds 36-90 passengers with rear engine compartment and hood front. Most common for transporting K-12 students.
  • Type D – Extra-large school bus. Flat front design with low floor to allow easy loading. Holds 36+ passengers and has more standing room. Used for student activity and field trips.

Key Parts of a School Bus

School buses have a specialized design to keep students safe with key components including:

  • Chassis – Supports vehicle weight and includes frame, wheels, engine, transmission
  • Body – Yellow exterior with black bumpers front and back. Inside has padded seating and walls for protection. Wide rear emergency exit with door controls.
  • Windows – Larger than normal with padding at top. Split-sash windows open from top and bottom. Made with reinforced safety glass.
  • Doors – Folding entrance door with well-lit stairs. Power or manual control doors that remain open until manually closed.
  • Seats – Forward-facing bench seats with barriers between bottom and back portions. Upholstered seats over padded cushions.

Safety Features

School buses utilize various features focused on keeping students safe:

  • Crossing Arm – Mechanical arm that extends from front bumper when stopped to force students to cross in front of bus.
  • Flashing Lights – Alternating flashing red lights signal stop arm is extended. Helps alert traffic from all directions.
  • Stop Sign Arm – Extends from left side of body to warn traffic to stop from either direction when loading/unloading students.
  • Reflectors – Highly visible yellow reflectors outline edges and rear of bus to stand out.
  • Safety Equipment – First aid kits, fire extinguishers, reflective triangles or flares, backup alarms required.

School Bus Capacity

School bus capacity depends on vehicle type, but standards include:

  • 36 students – Minimum capacity for full-sized Type C and D buses
  • 1.5 students per seat – Settlement spacing so 2 small kids can share a bench
  • Standing limited – Maximum of 2 students per row may stand in Type D vehicles

Regulations also govern minimum aisle clearance and limit total occupants based on calculations involving overall vehicle weight.

School Bus Routes

District transportation planning teams map out bus routes and stops annually considering:

  • Student locations
  • Road conditions
  • Turning necessities
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Railroad crossings
  • Budget factors – fuel, number of vehicles, drivers needed

Stops are planned so students don’t have to cross dangerous roads and are centralized whenever possible with turnouts to allow traffic to continue flowing.

Maintaining School Buses

To transport students safely, school buses must be properly maintained including:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake, air filter, and wiring inspections
  • Fluid checks
  • Replacing worn parts

Thorough annual inspections are mandatory. Buses that fail must be repaired immediately and re-inspected before transporting students. Maintenance records are examined during oversight inspections.

School Bus Drivers

School bus drivers must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) involving:

  • Written tests on vehicle inspection, road signs, laws
  • Demonstrating vehicle control skills
  • Passenger safety training
  • Physical exam

Drivers must pass background checks and be monitored for speeding tickets or violations. While driving, they must follow all traffic laws and district policies regarding loading/unloading procedures, student management, proper use of signals, lights, crossing arms and performing vehicle inspections.

School Bus Clip Art

School bus clip art provides colorful cartoon-styled graphics of vintage and modern school buses. These images appear in projects focused on education, school transportation, bus safety campaigns, and student activities. The bright yellow buses with fun smiling faces help represent the school experience.

Common school bus clip art themes feature:

  • Happy bus with eyes and smiles transporting kids
  • Retro bus designs from early 20th century
  • Buses participating in athletics – playing sports or holding trophies
  • School bus with books and graduation cap motifs
  • School bus carrying animals or holiday scenes

The easily recognizable iconic bus shape makes adaptable clip art for creative school-related purposes.

Future of School Buses

While the familiar yellow school bus has been transporting students for generations, innovations may change things in the coming years:

  • Electric Buses – Reduce emissions and noise. Recharging stations and high costs provide challenges.
  • Autonomous Vehicles – Self-driving buses could automate pickup/drop-offs but would still need attendants.
  • Route Mapping Software – Optimize routes saving time, fuel costs, and number of buses needing purchase and maintenance.
  • Onboard WiFi – Let students access lessons, resources, turn in homework during long commutes.
  • Safety Upgrades – Improve CCTV monitoring, restraint seats, fire suppression systems could continue advancing.

While budget constraints may slow adoption, technology could upgrade the school bus experience for students and districts in the coming decades.

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