Police Car Clip Art

Police cars, also known as patrol cars, are specialized vehicles used by police forces to assist with their duties. The distinctive design of the police car makes it easily recognizable even from a distance. Police cars are equipped with various features to help police officers respond to emergencies quickly and assist them in enforcing laws.

History of Police Cars

Horse-drawn police wagon were the earliest police vehicles dating back to the mid-1800s. As automobile technology advanced in the early 20th century, motorcycles and cars began replacing horse carriages. By the 1920s, Ford Model T’s were modified as one of the first patrol cars used by the police. Features like top mounted traffic lights were added. Today, police cars contain advanced equipment from two-way radios to laptops enabling officers to be highly mobile while responding to emergencies.

Common Police Car Models

Popular models used by police forces today include:

  • Ford Police Interceptor
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Dodge Charger

These sedans offer durability and high-performance abilities suitable for the demands of police work. Many brands manufacture special police variants equipped with calibrated engines, stiff suspensions, brake assistance and interior cages among other capabilities.

Special Features of Police Cars

  • Emergency Lights: police cars are fitted with colored flashing lights on top to clear traffic in emergencies.
  • Sirens: loud wailing sirens alert traffic to pull over for police cars responding to urgent calls.
  • Radio Communication: two-way police radios are used to dispatch officers and stay coordinated.
  • Laptops: onboard computers with databases provide access to essential information.
  • Cages: metal grilles create a safety barrier between front and back seats.

Police Car Liveries and Decals

The black and white livery has been standard for many police cars since the 1930s aiming for a visible yet neutral paint scheme. Police forces add distinct reflective decals with emblems, phone numbers and mottos. Vehicles may also match special units with appropriate graphics.

Police Car Clip Art

Clip art refers to a collection of downloadable images and illustrations that can be used freely without copyright concerns. Police car clip art provides a quick graphic of a police vehicle to use across various documents and platforms.

Uses of Police Car Clip Art

  • Craft activities for children
  • School projects illustrating community helpers
  • Police department publications and documents
  • Website graphics related to law enforcement
  • Promotional content for auto-dealerships
  • Commercials or campaigns incorporating a police car theme
  • Stores selling toy vehicles, costumes or equipment
  • Collectible merchandise with police car graphics

Downloading and Licensing Police Car Clip Art

  • Verify public domain or proper attribution expected by site
  • Download highest resolution version without background
  • Save police car image to document or upload to publishing platform
  • Note any restrictions prohibiting modifying or repurposing clipart

Future of Police Cars

Police vehicles will likely incorporate more advanced capabilities as automotive technology evolves including:

  • Electric engines for eco-friendly patrols
  • Self-driving features to assist police officers
  • Speech recognition functions to transcribe interactions
  • Enhanced surveillance with high-resolution cameras
  • Augmented reality windshield displays
  • Onboard 3D printers for evidence collection

The police car serves as an iconic reminder of the service and duty owed by the police forces to communities they serve. The spirit embodied by these vehicles will continue even decades later as the cars themselves transform in exciting new ways.

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