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May is the fifth month of the year and considered the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Coming after April, it has 31 days which allows people in the north to enjoy longer daylight hours and warmer weather as spring transitions into summer. The name May comes from Maia, a Roman goddess of growth representing sensuality and motherhood. She oversaw nature’s unfolding.

Weather and Climate in May

May brings a wide variation of conditions across the globe. In northern regions, average high temperatures now reach the 60s and 70s Fahrenheit. Trees and plants bloom in earnest. For Europe, southern Asia, the U.S, and Canada, May is pleasantly warm and relatively rainy mid-spring. The tropics enter their transition towards the rainy season soon. The southern hemisphere heads into cooler average temps as it progresses towards winter during May.

May Holidays and Events

Many popular observances and celebrations take place in the month of May. In the United States and Canada, Mother’s Day happens on the 2nd Sunday in May. Mexico’s celebration ties to the “Day of the Holy Cross” instead. Several other countries including Australia and Belgium have designated Mother’s Day dates too. May 1 also marks Labour Day for over 80 countries worldwide. Cinco de Mayo on May 5th honors a Mexican victory against French forces way back in 1862. Memorial Day and Victoria Day also occur in May.

May Birthstone and Birth Flower

The luminous green emerald serves as the traditional birthstone for May. The lush color epitomizes nature’s renewal and growth during spring. Ancient Egyptians and Romans prized emeralds as a symbol for fertility and rebirth. Lily of the valley with its dainty white blooms shares the honor as May’s birth flower. Native to Asia and Europe, this woodland flower’s bell-like shape represents sweetness and humility in floriography.

May Astrological Signs

Those born from May 1-20 are under the bull sign of Taurus. Taurus energy centers on steadiness, loyalty, and patience. Sensual Taurus natives often have a deep appreciation for beauty and the simple pleasures life offers. Later in May, from the 20th onward, Gemini season begins. Expressive, witty Geminis thrive on mingling and conversing with other people as an air sign. Communication rules Gemini’s world.

May School Activities and Themes

May presents plentiful options for classroom crafts, events, and lesson themes around spring, flowers, insects, weather, Cinco de Mayo, mother figures and more. Students enjoy making flower pens, ladybug notes, and May Day baskets incorporating seasonal clipart. Learning about bee pollination, butterfly metamorphosis, or cloud types also suits May. Older grades could research Queen Victoria’s impact for a bio project. End of year celebrations like special field days, trips, or parties take place too.

Popular May Clipart Themes

When people seek clipart to match May themes, springtime imagery dominates like blooming flowers (especially roses and orchids), baby animals, tiny insects, vibrant rainbows after spring showers, multi-colored umbrellas for rainy days, and more. Cinco de Mayo groundhogs also trend to indicate 6 more weeks until summer. Cartoon birds carrying graduation caps or diplomas make good ending-of-school clipart too. Specific May holidays have associated symbols – bunches of lilacs for Mother’s Day, flags for Memorial Day.

Springtime May Flower Clipart

Capture May’s magnificent blooms by decorating DIY crafts, stationery, school work, graphics, or home décor using flower clipart. Choices include multi-colored tulips, elegant purple orchids, cheerful daffodils waving sunshine-yellow petals, and clusters of red poppies nodding atop tall stems. Simple daisies, sophisticated calla lilies, perky pansies displaying “faces”, and golden forsythia sprigs bursting like tiny suns also help welcome spring.

Mother’s Day May Clipart

Mother’s Day paper crafts allow people to creatively honor mom. Cute Mother’s Day clipart tends to feature cartoon mama bears cuddling a baby bear, hens watching little chicks, or mother-child characters bonding. Floral cornicopia designs stuffed with roses are classic. From cards to banners to gift bags, mom-themed images help spread May’s loving spirit.

Memorial Day May Clipart

As May draws to an end, adding patriotic flair to Memorial Day projects becomes popular. Flag designs lend themselves perfectly to paper crafts or printables during this red, white and blue holiday. Other good Memorial Day clipart includes soldier silhouettes, stars and stripes backgrounds, American eagles mid-flight, and poignant images of military grave memorial markers to stir patriotic pride and gratitude.

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