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Mascara is a cosmetic product used to enhance and define the eyelashes. It comes in liquid, cake, or cream form and is one of the most popular makeup items used globally. The purpose of mascara is to make the eyelashes appear thicker, longer, and darker. It works by coating each lash with pigment. With proper application, mascara can give eyes more definition and an awakened appearance.

History of Mascara

The use of mascara dates back to ancient Egypt, where both men and women lined their eyes with kohl and used substances like soot and antimony to darken lashes and brows. They believed eye makeup had healing and protective powers. Over time, formulas evolved to use less harmful ingredients. Victorian era women used a early type of mascara made with ash and elderberry along with a brush wand for application.

Modern mascara was invented and marketed in the 19th century by brands like Maybelline. Mascaras in twist up tubes became popular in the 20th century for ease of use. Now mascara has become ubiquitous around the world as beauty standards continue to value long, curled lashes.

Types of Mascara

There are many varieties of modern mascara that serve different purposes:

  • Regular – Standard formula that coats lashes in pigment
  • Waterproof – Does not smudge or run when wet; harder to remove
  • Volumizing – Contains polymers to thicken and plump up lashes
  • Lengthening – Has nylon fibers or stretchy ingredients to extend lashes
  • Curling – Shapes and lifts lashes with waxes and curved brushes
  • Colored – Comes in vibrant hues for dramatic looks.

Brands also differ in formulas in terms of finish, thickness, clumping tendencies etc. Most are suitable for contact lens wearers.

Mascara Wands and Brushes

The mascara wand plays an important role in evenly coating lashes. Most have a helix of plastic or metal bristles. Specific brush shapes include:

  • Spiral – Coats each lash individually
  • Comb – Good for separating and fanning out
  • Spoon – Thickens lashes by loading more product
  • Straight – Reaches tiny corner lashes
  • Hourglass – Concentrates mascara application on midsection of lashes

Choosing a mascara wand with an optimal shape allows for easier, clump-free application. The stiffness and length of bristles matters too.

Applying Mascara Properly

When applying mascara, follow these tips:

  • Start at the base and wiggle wand side-to-side to deposit color
  • Then lightly pull wand upward through tips to lengthen
  • Add thinner second and third coats for buildable volume
  • Allow each coat to dry before adding the next
  • Keep wand vertically aligned to prevent smudges
  • Don’t pump the wand inside tube which introduces air
  • Hold a tissue under eye to catch flakes and excess

Proper technique leads to evenly coated lashes without clumps or mess.

Removing Mascara

It’s critical to take off mascara every night instead of letting it dry on lashes. Preferred gentler methods include:

  • Cleansing oils – Break down waxes so mascara slides off
  • Micellar water – Wipe away makeup through micelles rather than rubbing
  • Cleanser massage – Gently massage eyes with a wet, warm cloth

Over-rubbing or tugging at mascara can cause eyelashes to fall out prematurely. Letting mascara remnants buildup can also lead to irritation and styes.

Mascara Looks and Trends

Creative techniques for applying mascara have emerged to suit different styles:

  • Lower lashes only – For wide eyed, youthful look
  • Skip bottom lashes – Keeps lower eyes bright
  • Lash tinting – Semi permanent dye between mascara coats
  • Accent outer corner – Focuses on elongating edges
  • Artsy colorful bottom lashes – Creates striking effect
  • Mascara stamps – Whimsical heart shapes for festivals

In terms of color, vibrant blues, greens and purples complementing eye shadow palettes have become popular for fun makeup looks.

Mascara Clipart and Images

Mascara as an instantly recognizable makeup product has gained icon status in clipart libraries. Stylized graphic art representations of mascara tubes and application commonly include:

  • Black twist tube with metallic cap
  • Dripping inky mascara liquid
  • Brush tip mid-sweep across lashes
  • Thick fluttery lashes
  • Watery baby blue eyes for contrast

These simplified vectors and illustrations are useful for conveying concepts related to beauty, makeup, cosmetics, and eyes when words won’t suffice.

Using Mascara Clipart

Mascara clipart can serve multiple decorative, explanatory and commercial purposes:

  • Enable quick communication of ideas visually
  • Catch the viewer’s eye on websites and packaging
  • Save effort compared to creating original graphics
  • Promote makeup services, products or tutorials
  • Complement written or spoken information
  • Reinforce brand identity for cosmetic companies

In this page clipartix present 40 mascara clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Mascara Clipart that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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