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A mailbox is container used to send, receive and store mail. Installed outside homes or offices, they serve as the point for mail carriers to deliver letters, packages and other postal items conveniently without directly interacting with recipients. Mailboxes evolved to become ubiquitous because they enable secure, weatherproof, 24/7 mail distribution worldwide.

History of Mailboxes

Early mail systems relied on home visits. Wealthy families had secure boxes outside residences allowing mail drop-offs anytime. As postal services expanded through the 18th and 19th centuries, free standing pillars with multiple letter boxes appeared. The first modern US mailbox debuting in the 1850s was a basket-style rural box. Today’s curbside boxes with flip doors debuted in the 1940s. Recent trends include custom mailboxes, smartphone linkage and solar power.

Types of Mailboxes

Common mailbox varieties include:

  • Wall-mounted – Affix directly on exterior walls
  • Free-standing post – Mounted on a post inserted into the ground
  • Curbside – Sit along curbs or road edges
  • Locked – High security steel boxes with advanced locking
  • Decorative – Custom boxes complementing home style
  • Smart – Digital locks, send notifications, LED lighting

Mailbox Components

Key mailbox parts are:

  • Enclosure – The outer water-tight box protecting contents
  • Door – Front opening panel for inserting/removing mail
  • Lock – Deters unauthorized access
  • Flag – Red tab signalling new deliveries need pickup
  • Number/Label – Identifying info for sorting mail

Mailbox Placement Tips

Ideal mailbox locations meet the following criteria:

  • Easily accessible for postal workers inside vehicles
  • Allow carriers to safely exit to reach the mailbox
  • Don’t obstruct sidewalks or driveways
  • Are close to front doors for homeowner access
  • Avoid low hanging branches or powerlines overhead

Mailbox Numbers and Labels

Mailboxes should clearly display the exact street address and names using:

  • Number plaques – Larger displays for identifying houses from distance
  • Reflective numbering – Glowing numbers visible at night
  • Name labels – Helps mail carrier correctly deliver when multiple boxes are grouped together

Mailbox Security Features

Securing mailboxes involves:

  • Locks – Prevent unauthorized access into the interior space
  • Anti-theft design – Heavy duty steel deters forced entry
  • Fireproofing – Stops burning mail from damaging box
  • Restricted access – Neighborhood collection boxes allow deposit but not retrieval

Mailbox Maintenance

Durability tips for mailboxes:

  • Use galvanized rust-proof steel boxes
  • Frequently check and fix broken parts like doors
  • Apply fresh coats of waterproof paint when chipped
  • Clear snow, vegetation debris around mailbox
  • Lubricate hinges, locks and moving parts

Using Mailbox Clip Art

Typical applications involve:

  • Real estate newsletters and house listing flyers
  • Post office and courier service websites and posters
  • Return address stickers or rubber stamps
  • Events or blogs related to mailbox makeovers and security
  • DIY craft ideas uses painted mailbox drawings as concept art

Creative uses of mailbox clipart can help speed up promotional material development, enrich written content with apt imagery and inspire innovative mailbox projects.

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