Graduation Hat Clipart

Graduation hats, also known as mortarboards or academic caps, are worn during graduation ceremonies to signify the completion of an academic degree. They are part of the traditional academic dress worn at college and university graduations. The iconic square caps and flowing gowns are synonymous with these special occasions.

History of the Graduation Hat

The graduation hat dates back to the Middle Ages when hats were commonly worn indoors to keep heads warm in poorly-heated buildings. Academic caps evolved from the biretta, a similar square hat worn by clergy members and academics. They began to be used in graduation ceremonies in the 14th century at European universities.

The mortarboard’s name comes from its resemblance to the flat board bricklayers use to hold mortar. The rigid square board is thought to have symbolic meaning – its rigidness represents the knowledge graduates have acquired.

Components of the Graduation Hat

Modern graduation hats typically consist of a rigid square board with a tassel attached to the center. The board is covered in black fabric with a velvet border. The velvet indicates the degree, with different colors for each field. For example, dark blue represents philosophy and golden yellow represents science.

The tassel’s color also denotes the scholar’s area of study. Red is for the arts, optics, or audiology, while green is for medicine. Graduation hats open at the middle to allow them to rest on the head without ruining hairstyles.

Symbolism of the Graduation Hat

The graduation hat represents the countless hours of study and hard work put into obtaining the degree. Moving the tassel from the right to the left side during commencement symbolizes transitioning from candidate to graduate.

The flowing graduate gown also has symbolic meaning – its long sleeves allow graduates to dress professionally without regard to financial status.

Throwing graduation hats joyfully in the air has become a longstanding tradition of celebrating overcoming all obstacles to earn the degree. It marks an exciting next chapter.

Graduation Hat Etiquette

There is certain etiquette around wearing academic caps to preserve the symbolic meaning of the occasion. Caps should be worn parallel to the ground with the tassel on the left side. The tassel gets moved to the right when a candidate’s name is called to come forward.

Graduates switch the tassel side when they receive their diplomas, representing their changed status from candidate to graduate. Tossing caps in the air is saved for the end.

Graduation Hat Clipart

Graduation hat clipart provides printable images of graduation hats and related motifs like diplomas, gowns, class rings, etc. The artwork ranges from minimalist to highly ornate styles.

Graduation hat clipart is commonly used to make party invites, announcements, signs, badges, stickers, social media posts, and more. Anything congratulating the graduate is enhanced by these fun, symbolic images.

Types of Graduation Hat Clipart

There are a few main types of graduation clipart:

  • Traditional mortarboard graduations hat images in square shapes
  • Fun images with hats on animals like ducks or cats
  • Hats with diplomas or scrolls bearing academic text
  • Graduation hat icons used to visually indicate the concept of graduation

The symbols can represent high school, bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees. Simple icons work well for decorating badges, stickers, and buttons.

Using Graduation Hat Clipart

Graduation hat clipart can visually enhance:

  • Graduation announcements
  • Thank you cards
  • Program booklets
  • Flyers & posters
  • Party supplies like banners, signs, or napkins
  • Bulletins boards & displays
  • Websites, emails, or slideshows
  • Video calls or virtual backgrounds

The artwork helps celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments and convey best wishes for their future endeavors.

Notable Examples of Graduation Hat Clipart

Some noteworthy graduation clipart collections feature:

  • Multi-colored mortarboard icons with tassel variants
  • Single hats on diplomas or scrolls with space for custom text
  • Realistic hat designs with glittering textures
  • Whimsical images of animals in custom graduation regalia
  • Fun photos of hat toss moments mid-air

The best images are high-resolution and work well at both small and enlarged sizes best suiting the intended use.

With so much symbolic meaning in academic dress, graduation hat clipart helps highlight important milestones in a graduate’s journey. The memorabilia made is sure to be treasured for years to come.

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