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Frames are structures designed to surround and support objects. Framing keeps contents safe, renders an aesthetic appearance and makes displays convenient by allowing mounting upon surfaces. Common frames hold mirrors, pictures and windows. Specialty frames designed for doorways, packaging, beds, electronics and bags serve functional purposes while accentuating style.

History of Frames

The origins of framing date centuries back when woodworker guilds built ornamental picture surrounds. Frame patterns evolved with changing art genres – carved baroque styles gave way to streamlined contemporary looks. Technological advances like molding machinery and acrylic fabrication allowed cheaper mass production without losing customization capabilities. Today’s frames effortlessly blend decorative form and utilitarian functions.

Types of Frames

Picture frames precisely fit canvases, photographs or memorabilia.
Door frames provide structural integrity around openings carved into walls for entryways.
Window frames enhance visibility and airflow via windows containing glass panes.
Bag frames give form to handbags and backpacks. Device cases and electronics also have protective outer frames.

Frame Materials

Common framing materials include:

  • Wood – Most popular for aesthetically pleasing visible grains
  • Plastic/Acrylic – Lightweight, affordable and easy to cut options
  • Metal – Stainless steel and aluminum provide sturdy cold frames
  • Leather – Used for bags and portfolio binders for its rich texture

Custom frames utilize gold, bamboo, beveled mirrors based on niche preferences.

Frame Styles

Decorative varieties creating unique visual textures abound:

  • Rustic – Natural unfinished wooden appearance
  • Ornate – Intricate carved patterns for lavish aesthetics
  • Classic – Symmetrical elegance blending with any d├ęcor
  • Modern – Clean, bold looks from metallic or painted colors

Measuring for Frames

Getting accurate dimensions, including depth, ensures proper fitting upon the wall or surface intended for mounting the framed item. Experts assist in-store frame upsizing/downsizing without losing presentation impact.

Custom Framing Services

Specialized shops offer customized builds taking into account:

  • Frame colors complementing item shade
  • Archival matting/backing for preservation
  • Special corner miters and ornate ridging
  • Spacer mounts to create shadowbox effects
  • Engraved nameplates providing attribution

Frame Hardware

Essentials like fasteners, hangers and stands secure frames:

  • Hanging wire – Allows mounting framed art securely upon nails
  • D-rings – Attached at back holding wire, also called eye hooks
  • Standouts – Base leg providing freestanding vertical support

Frame Maintenance

Follow conservation best practices:

  • Place items like prints, needlework away from direct sunlight
  • Use microfiber cloth for dusting instead of liquid cleaners
  • Check periodically for insect/moisture damage, fix issues promptly
  • Consider preventive treatments like sealing, lamination for heirlooms

Introduction to Frame Clip Art

Premade frame sketches help illustrate framing concepts faster. Clip art libraries contain vector cutouts of picture frames, wall mirror outlines, photo corners and similar decorative elements for accenting graphic projects.

Using Frame Clip Art

Typical applications of printable frame clipart:

  • Framing shop brochures, catalogs and web gallery placeholders
  • Craft project guides on making customized frames
  • Interior design mood boards with framed artwork
  • Scrapbooks, posters and visual guides about picture framing DIY

The ornamental yet functional clipart allows quickly mocking up illustrations showing frames aesthetically elevating displayed items.

In this page clipartix present 85 frame clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Frame Clip Art that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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