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Foxes are ubiquitous small to medium sized omnivores belonging to the dog family Canidae. There are over 30 recognized fox species, found on every continent except Antarctica. All foxes have flattish skulls, pointed muzzles, triangular ears, long bushy tails, and reddish fur. They are nimble creatures adapted for hunting small prey across diverse habitats.

Physical Characteristics

Foxes share similar physical features including a light body build for speed and elongated snouts and ears to help locate prey. Their tails provide balance and warmth. While red fur is the most common, fox coat colors vary from silver to black depending on species and season. For example, the Arctic fox changes from brown or gray in the summer to completely white in the winter. Foxes have excellent eyesight, smell, and hearing.

Fox Species

The most widespread fox is the red fox native across the entire Northern Hemisphere down to North Africa. Other foxes include the Arctic fox able to withstand freezing Arctic temperatures, the diminutive fennec fox of North African deserts with enormous ears to dissipate heat, and the gray fox of North and Central America known for its climbing ability. There are fox species adapted to environments as diverse as the Tibetan Plateau, Indonesian rainforests, and the grasslands of East Africa.


Different species inhabit Arctic tundra, forests, grasslands, deserts, and even urban areas on every continent besides Antarctica. Foxes live in underground burrows, hollow logs or trees, and dens under brush. While they cannot be found in Antarctica’s frigid climate, foxes do inhabit the majority of the world’s ecosystems. They can even thrive in proximity to dense human settlement.

Fox Behavior

Foxes are solitary and primarily nocturnal hunters. They lead solitary lives except when mating or raising offspring. Fox communication includes body language and over 30 different vocalizations from barks to screams. Fox diets are largely carnivorous consisting or rabbits, rodents, birds, eggs, insects, worms, and fruit. Fox mating usually peaks in winter. After a 52 day gestation period, females give birth in dens to a litter of 2 to 12 “kits” or “pups”.

Foxes and Humans

Foxes sometimes raid trash or poultry, leading humans to hunt or trap them. But they benefit farmers by controlling pest and disease carrying rodents. Foxes are easily trained and bred in captivity. Domesticated foxes make loyal pets. Foxes hold a storied place in the folklore and art of many civilizations. Fox media popularity continues with characters like Disney’s Robin Hood and ingenious children’s book protagonists like Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fox Clip Art

Clip art provides a colorful array of cute, funny, and characterful fox illustrations and graphics for free use. Fox clipart typically features fox faces, heads, or full fox characters useful for decorating documents, websites, banners, cards, flyers, scrapbooks, party invitations, calendars, baby shower themes, nurseries, kids rooms, and more. Much fox clip art builds on the fox’s reputation for intelligence and cunning with sly or mischievous facial expressions.

Using Fox Clip Art

Fox graphics can enhance anything from business logos, announcements, event signage, blogs, social media posts, digital planners, bulletin boards, kids crafts projects, party décor, or classroom teaching materials on foxes or woodland animals. Download free or purchased print quality commercial use fox images. If editing images, respect any restrictions in reuse rights or attributions. Fox clip art also produces cute prints, frames, mugs, or stickers.

Fox Clip Art in Commercial Products

Fox graphics commonly grace t-shirts, sweatshirts, onesies, socks, jewelry, calendars, blankets, door mats, posters, canvas wall art, sculptures, baby bedding, party supplies, seasonal craft kits, coloring books, stuffies, bookmarks, pine cone wreaths, needlework patterns, and much more. Fox motifs never grow old.

Unique and Creative Fox Art

Today fox artwork goes far beyond conventional woodcut style red fox faces. Modern digital painting tools empower fox art encompassing varied artistic styles from minimalist to abstract, tribal to anime, Art Deco to stained glass. Crafters turn fox photos into graffiti street art. Tattoo artists ink photorealistic and geomentric fox body art. Foxes grace fine art paintings, metal yard art, mosaic mirrors, clay gnomes, string art, blown glass decor, and more. Foxes continue inspiring fresh and innovative animal art across every medium.

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