Family Tree Clipart

A family tree is a diagram displaying family relationships spanning multiple generations. It conveys lineage in a tree structure with ancestors forming deep roots and descendants branching outward as leaves. This symbolic nature reveals how we grow from and are nurtured by past roots yet also sprout new growth.

Types of Family Trees

Common configurations include:

Ancestral tree: Flows vertically from parents downwards showing lineage only from past generations.

Descendant tree: Opposite flow starting from a common ancestor and spreading to living relatives as tree expands through newer generations.

Hourglass: Combo of ancestral and descendant flows with older generations at top converging downwards into living generations fanning out at base.

Family circle: Circular format radiating outwards from center common ancestors.

Parts of a Family Tree

Roots – Oldest known ancestors
Branches – Links between relations
Nodes – Points where branches intersect indicating marriages
Leaves – Living generation family members

Creating a Family Tree

  1. Research family records, archives to gather names, dates
  2. Select tree type and start with oldest known ancestors
  3. Add descendants using branches and nodes between spouses
  4. Include photos, bios to personalize
  5. Display prominently as special family keepsake

Online templates provide handy tools. Or create manually on poster boards crafting unique layouts.

Researching Family History

Trace lineage by accessing:

  • Census reports listing households
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Cemetery records
  • Ship passenger lists showing immigration
  • Old letters with sender/receiver details
  • Bible entries noting unions and offspring

Family Tree Templates

Helpful for guiding layouts and data inputs:

  • Printable pages and posters with data fields
  • Digital templates enabling online data population and arrangement into flowing trees with automatic source linkages
  • Apps for building, expanding and sharing trees across devices and relatives

Family Tree Clip Art

Clip art offers graphical representations like:

  • Blank tree outlines for filling information
  • Branches, roots, leaves and tree slices
  • Houses or photos indicating associated families
  • Cute landscapes, characters and animals
  • Frames and decorative backdrops

Using Family Tree Clipart

Ways to enhance trees and history displays:

  • Print photos inside tree outlines with branches connecting relatives
  • Embellish reports and scrapbooks with related graphics
  • Create custom heritage-themed banners,flags and apparel
  • Decorate venue, invitations and programs for family reunions and events
  • Complement kids’ projects and activities with engaging images

Crafts with Family Trees

Some ideas for DIY projects:

  • Family wreaths made from actual tree slice with ancestor photos and descendants fanning outward
  • Cross stitch or quilt blocks featuring significant family houses or landscapes through the ages
  • Faux wood sign boards and ornament etchings conveying meaningful family quotes, poetry and so on
  • Bookmarks or greeting cards decorated with small symbolic family trees

The ancestral concept sparks creative interpretations through paper, fabric, etching, painting and more homemade crafts.

In this page clipartix present 53 family tree clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Family Tree Clipart that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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