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Diamonds crystallize over billions of years 150-200 kilometers underground where extreme heat and pressure transform carbon. As liquid magma cools into rigid kimberlite and lava rock, materials trapped inside harden forming diamond structures.

Convection pushes the diamonds closer to earth’s surface until volcanic eruptions bring them up containing diamonds collectible through mining. Most gem-quality diamonds derive from this natural geological process.

Diamond Mining History

While diamonds became valued jewels as early as 4th century BCE India, major diamond mining started in India and Borneo 800-1200 CE. Famous mines date back to the Golconda region and Borneo’s Martapura River.

Diamond rushes later occurred in Brazil, Australia and South Africa starting mid-19th century after major deposits got discovered. De Beers consolidated mines in the 1880s. Africa led production by 20th century. Recently Canada emerged as the world’s third largest diamond producer.

Diamond Cutting and Polishing

Raw diamonds lack the brilliance and fire associated with fine gems, so expert cutters refine through:

  • Cleaving – Splitting along planar structure
  • Sawing – Cutting with phosphor-bronze blade
  • Bruting – Two diamonds grind against each other
  • Faceting – Precision cutting multifaceted angles

Well-cut proportions maximize optical light effects we recognize as diamond radiance.

Diamond Grading Metrics

Gemological Institute of America standards grade diamonds on the “four Cs”:

  • Cut – Well-angled facets shine.
  • Clarity – Fewer impurities appear more clear.
  • Color – Less saturated color grades higher.
  • Carat Weight – Rarer larger stones cost more per gram.

Each factor gets rated on formal quality assessment scales.

Symbolic Meaning of Diamonds

Historically associated with enduring bonds and commitments, the diamond gained currency as the preferred gem for engagement rings when De Beers marketing coined the “a diamond is forever” slogan in 1948. Ancient Greeks believed diamonds granted strength and courage.

For all diamond symbolic power, aesthetics primarily drive demand. Rarity commoditized through luxury branding.

Prominence of Diamonds in Fashion

Aristocrats flaunted diamonds indicating wealth, class and taste back to first European councils in 13th century. Tiaras and brooches were insignia of rank. Jewel-studded clothing demonstrated prestige.

High jewelry came to showcase designers like Cartier and Harry Winston. Diamonds rank foremost on red carpets and runways even mixing into cosmetics for ultimate sparkle.

Diamond Imagery in Art History

Regalia of rulers, aristocrats and deities shone with diamonds in religious icon paintings through modern works like Warhol screen prints. The Crown Jewels of England and precious Parisian jewelry feature in art.

Symbolizing eternity, diamonds embellished tombs and monuments to preserve legacies. Diamond gleam and geometric symmetry hypnotically pull focus.

Diamond Clip Art Style Conventions

Diamond graphics aim for:

  • Sparkling light flashes
  • High contrast
  • Elegant symmetry
  • Select focus on certain facets
  • Dark or gradient backgrounds

Realism less critical than visual impact of light orchestration, often enhanced through Bevel and crystalline effects.

Applications of Diamond Clip Art

Digital diamond shapes add instant luxury impression useful for:

  • Jewelry brand logos & jewelry photography backdrops
  • Invitation decorations
  • Graphic flourishes on swag & gift cards
  • Bling overlay filters for social media imaging

Visual bling summation meshes perfectly with diamond symbolism.

Copyright Considerations with Diamond Clip Art

While natural diamonds aren’t subject to legal ownership, original diamond clip art gets protected under copyright from unauthorized use once published.

Sites usually state restrictions on modifying or redistributing images. Some limit diamond graphics to personal projects only. Carefully review terms, attributes as requested. Legal use enables artists to keep creating royalty-free shine!

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