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Cookies are a beloved sweet treat across many cultures. They can be traced back to 7th century Persia, where people would cook small test flattened doughs, though cookie-like hard wafers and honey cakes were popular even earlier. The name “cookie” comes from the Dutch word koekje, meaning little cake.

Over time, recipes for cookie-like treats spread throughout Europe and eventually around the world. They became especially popular in America, where they were easy to make and customize. Today, cookies come in countless delicious varieties and are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Common Types of Cookies

There are many classic cookie types that remain popular today:

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip are among the most popular cookie variety. Legend has it, they were accidentally created in 1930 when baker Ruth Wakefield ran out of baking chocolate and substituted chopped chocolate instead. The bits softened but retained their shape and the chocolate chip cookie was born.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies have a crisp texture but are rich from sugar, butter, and sometimes eggs or milk. Their pure sweet flavor makes them perfect for decorating with frosting and sprinkles.

Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy oatmeal cookies typically combine oats, flour, butter and brown sugar for a hearty, fiber-filled treat. Raisins are another common addition.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter cookies are made using peanut butter and sometimes include crisscross fork markings across the top. The peanut flavor pairs nicely with chocolate chips too.

Cookie Shapes

Cookies come in all sorts of shapes including:

  • Round – Round is the most common default shape. The cookies spread out during baking.
  • Bar – Bar cookies are baked in a pan and cut into squares or rectangles.
  • Rolled – Rolled cookie dough is chilled and flattened before cutting into shapes.
  • Pressed – Pressed cookie dough is formed into balls or flatten rounds before baking.
  • Molded – Molded dough is pressed into detailed cookie molds and keeps those shapes.

Decorating Cookies

Beyond basic ingredients, cookies can be enhanced with various decorations:

  • Frosting – Frosting comes in dairy-based buttercream or lighter royal icing for decorating.
  • Sprinkles & Jimmies– These colorful candy toppings instantly make cookies more festive.
  • Drizzles – Melted chocolate and white chocolate make elegant drizzled designs.
  • Coarse Sugar & Sanding Sugar– Colored sugar crystals help cookies sparkle.

Holiday and Themed Cookies

Cookies play a big role during holidays and special occasions including:

Christmas Cookies

Decorated tree, wreath, snowflake or Santa shaped sugar cookies are a hallmark Christmas treat, as are spiced gingerbread people.

Halloween Cookies

Sugar cookies get a spooky makeover with spider web, ghost, jack-o-lantern and witch hat decorations.

Valentine’s Day Cookies

Big red heart shaped cookies iced pink or red with white icing piped messages are made to give as edible Valentines.

Easter Cookies

Pastel and neon egg, bunny, carrot and flower shaped cookies celebrate spring.

Cookie Clipart and Images

In crafting, clipart refers to ready-made illustrations used to decorate cards, banners, websites, and more. Cookie clipart offers images of all types of cookies in a variety of designs.

Having cookie images at-the-ready allows bakers and non-bakers alike to easily decorate their craft projects with the theme of cookies. Printable cookie clip art is especially popular. The digital images can be printed out on paper then cut and assembled into crafts.

Common Cookie Clipart Themes

Cookie clipart aligns with common cookie traits and occasions. Popular themes include:

  • Holiday cookies (Christmas trees, Halloween pumpkins)
  • Decorated sugar cookies (frosting, sprinkles)
  • Specific cookie types (chocolate chip, gingerbread)
  • Cookie shapes (round, hearts, stars)
  • General baked good images (milk & cookies, cookie jars)

Such a range allows crafters to find cookie clip art suitable for every season, event or layout they are working on.

Using Cookie Clipart and Images

Cookie clipart and images get used in all sorts of papercrafts and digital projects:

  • Greeting cards and invitations
  • Party banners, signs, and decorations
  • Stickers, buttons, and magnets
  • Calendars, planners, scrapbooks
  • Posters, flyers
  • Websites, blogs, social media posts

They work well to convey sweet themes in designs for baking businesses too. Many customize products like shirts, mugs, and stickers with their own cookie logo or images.

Cookie Clipart Design Tips

Follow these tips when creating or picking cookie clipart:

  • Use high resolution images for sharp printable results
  • Design relevant shapes and decorations
  • Include quotes and phrases about cookies
  • Incorporate different stacking arrangements
  • Have images with and without backgrounds
  • Create coordinating sets around a specific cookie variety or holiday

Impact of Cookie Clipart and Images

The widespread availability of cookie clipart and images has helped better showcase cookies in designs and expand baking creativity through do-it-yourself papercrafting. Cookie photos promote inspiration while clipart offers quick access to customizable cookie art for crafters. All in all, their sweet-themed illustrations spread joy and celebrate cookies as symbols of celebration and happiness.

In this page clipartix present 74 cookie clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Cookie Clip Art that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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