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Bake sales are a popular way for schools, churches, sports teams, and other nonprofit organizations to raise money for expenses and causes. At a typical bake sale, members of the group bake homemade cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies, and other sweet treats to sell to the public. The affordable treats and community-based nature of bake sales make them a go-to fundraising event in many places.

Planning Your Bake Sale

Planning and organizing a successful bake sale requires some time and effort. Important considerations include:

  • Date – Choose a date that works well for your community and doesn’t conflict with major holidays or events. Weekends tend to work best.
  • Location – Find a high visibility spot to hold your sale such as outside grocery stores, community events, church parking lots.
  • Pricing – Use affordable pricing, often ranging from 0.25to5 per baked item depending on size and ingredients.

Promoting Your Bake Sale

Getting the word out about your bake sale is crucial to bringing in business. Some ideas for advertising include:

  • Create flyers and hang them around town
  • Post on community bulletin boards
  • Promote the event on social media networks
  • Ask sponsors to announce in newsletters
  • Leverage volunteers’ personal connections

Baking Items to Sell

You’ll want to offer quality baked goods that are tasty and present well. Best-sellers typically include:

  • Cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter) in decorative wrappers
  • Cupcakes with clever designs or toppings
  • Brownies, blondies, mini loaves
  • Pies (apple, pumpkin, pecan)
  • Rice krispie treats, candy apples

Food Safety and Packaging

As you’ll be selling to the public, following food safety guidelines ensures your products are safe to enjoy. Key steps include:

  • Use clean, sanitized equipment and surfaces
  • Transport items in sealed plastic containers
  • Package items for individual sale to avoid contamination

Setting Up Your Bake Sale Booth

The setup and appearance of your booth can majorly influence your sales. Use these tips when getting set up:

  • Use a clean tablecloth and decorative elements like balloons
  • Display pricing information clearly
  • Make sure there is easy pedestrian access
  • Use striking displays to spotlight delicious goods

Managing Bake Sale Finances

To achieve your fundraising goals through the bake sale, be sure to track income and expenses accurately, including:

  • Create a budget estimating sales and costs beforehand
  • Keep careful counts of inventory and pricing
  • Track total sales amounts throughout the event
  • Reconcile budget vs. actual afterward

Creative Bake Sale Themes and Ideas

Adding a fun theme or tie-in gives shoppers more reason to stop by your bake sale. Theme ideas include:

  • Holidays – Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas
  • School spirit themes involving the mascot
  • Community-tailored ideas based on local traditions
  • Supporting causes themes that resonate with patrons

Getting creative makes your bake sale more memorable!

Bake Sale Signs and Posters

Bright, vibrant signage attracts people wandering past your bake sale. Effective posters and signs include:

  • Large lettering announcing “Bake Sale Here!”
  • Details on date, time, location
  • Tear-off contact info tabs for questions
  • Decorative images like cookies, cupcakes

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