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Awesome began merely denoting something that inspired awe, but became an enthusiastic catchall phrase for excellence. From magnificent nature vistas to viral dance videos, awesome contextualizes reactions conveying utmost approval. Though overuse risks diluting its impact, awesome adapts with intensifying modifiers reminding all that recognition remains meaningful.

Origins and History of Awesome

Awesome first appeared in writing circa 1560s works describing divine, spiritual wonders. By the 18th century, natural phenomena like stunning landscapes also earned the awe-inspiring label. Awesome maintained solemn reverence until the 1980s when informal speech began applauding everyday impressive things as awesome. Rapid colloquial adoption led its inductance into American dictionaries by 1992.

Modern Usage of Awesome

Today awesome offers effusive praise of delightful discoveries, remarkable news, talented creations, intense experiences, or heartwarming gestures. Friends affirm supportive actions as awesome. Shared viral media dubbed awesome earns likes and reposts. Marketers brand awesome products promising value exceeding expectations. Its flexible scope means nearly anything admirable or excellent can be described as awesome with genuine enthusiasm or casual sarcasm depending on tone.

Characteristics of Awesomeness

Abstract conceptions of awesomeness vary but share reaction inducing qualities:

  • Impressive skill mastery
  • Overcoming challenging odds
  • Uplifting emotional resonance
  • Thrilling sensory impacts
  • Paradigm shifting originality

Examples of Awesome Things

Natural wonders like Antarctica’s aurora borealis mesmerize with awesome beauty. Edge-of-seat sporting event endings elicit awesome exclamations. Superhero films showcase awesome powers thwarting bigger threats. My niece’s kindness towards others proves awesome compassion exists within tiny kids too! Awesomeness takes countless forms on massive and minute scales.

Expressing Awesome in Slang

Conversational intensity modifiers before awesome include “so”, “totally”, and “hella” – as in, “Her violin skills are so awesome!” Similar slang terms like “amazing,” “brilliant,” “impressive,” “mind-blowing” and “next level” convey comparable impressive meaning through vivid descriptive imagery. Repeating awesome plus gestures and sounds reinforce its praise impact.

Awesome in Pop Culture

“Awesome Mix Tape” cassettes symbolized family bonds in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films. Tony the Tiger exclaims grrrreat awesome taste to market Frosted Flakes cereal. Professional wrestler The Miz echoes awesome repeatedly in narcissistic signature poses as arena crowds boo and cheer.

Awesome Clipart and Images

Given abstract awesomeness lacks physical form, related clipart relies on symbolic fonts, effects and ecstatic characters. Bold drop shadows, beveled edges and vibrant rainbow gradients intensify awesome text. Fists pump skyward, legs stride heroically forward and pointers target awesome to command attention like eye catching warning signs.

Bold Font Awesome Graphics

Thick bold fonts visualize the word awesome like 70s psychedelic album covers and graffiti stylized street art. Paired with splat starbursts, lightning strikes and chrome metallic textures, these display fonts depict awesomeness with intense in-your-face attitude. Energetic scatter effects convey awestruck excitement as exclamation points trail awesome hyperactivity!

Awesome Backgrounds and Frames

Suitable backdrops showcase images worthy of awesomeness praise against decorative textures emulating marble, concrete, brick or inspirational quote letterpress posters. Photo editors apply awesome frames selecting premade templates with motifs like celestial nebulae, leading the eye toward what awes observers at the focal point of attention. Custom personalization replaces filler text with reasons explaining why framed contents are specifically awesome now.

In this page clipartix present 72 awesome clipart images free for designing activities. Lets download Awesome Clipart that you want to use for works or personal uses.

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