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Autumn, also known as fall in North American countries, refers to the transition season between summer and winter that occurs in September through November. This season is marked by several defining characteristics – notably cooler weather, falling leaves, and harvest time for numerous food crops.

The Autumnal equinox occurs around September 22-23 in the Northern hemisphere, indicating the astronomical start of fall. This equinox happens when there is equal amounts of daylight and darkness. From this point onwards, the nights grow steadily longer as winter approaches.

Weather and Climate in Autumn

Autumn brings a noticeable drop in temperatures, with averages declining 10-15°F from where they were in the peak of summer. However, there is still considerable pleasant weather during much of autumn. It is typically a moderate climate with highs around 60-70°F, and cool but not yet freezing nights.

Precipitation ramps up, with fall generally being one of the rainier or snowier times of a year. The atmosphere can be volatile as cold and warm weather systems collide. It’s also common to see strong wind gusts, storms, and other intense weather events during the change of seasons.

Autumn Foliage and Harvests

One of the most spectacular parts of autumn is the changing fall foliage. Leaves shift from green to vivid yellow, orange, red hues from late September through November. The prime weeks for leaf peeping trips are usually early-mid October.

Autumn also brings bountiful harvest time, with summer produce like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and zucchini wrapping up while iconic fall crops such as apples, pumpkins, winter squash, sweet potatoes, and pears reach peak ripeness. Farmers are extremely busy harvesting during this season.

Autumn Holidays and Traditions

Many major American holidays and celebrations take place in autumn. Halloween kicks off the season at the end of October, with revelers donning costumes, going trick-or-treating, and decorating with jack-o-lanterns and haunted house themes. November brings Thanksgiving celebrations focused around food, family gatherings, parades like Macy’s, and football games. Oktoberfest in Germany features beer drinking and Bavarian culture.

Autumn Activities and Travel

Popular autumn recreational activities include: apple/pumpkin picking, foliage drives or hiking trips to see changing leaves, corn mazes and festivals like county fairs focused on harvest produce. Good US destinations are New England, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Ozarks, the Rocky Mountains, and the Southeast. Overseas options are Japan, Canada, and European wine regions.

Autumn Food and Cooking

Iconic fall produce like apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, pears, and winter squash lend themselves to seasonal autumn dishes. Warm hearty meals also grow in popularity when the weather cools, including classics like chili, pot roast, beef stew, baked casseroles, soups, baked goods using cinnamon/nutmeg, fresh breads, and anything incorporating pumpkin spice flavor.

Autumn Fashion and Home Decor

Fashion shifts to warmer hues and fabrics as the temperatures drop. Popular autumn color schemes embrace red, yellow, orange, brown, burgundy, and muted greens. Outfits might incorporate cardigans, flannels, boots, jeans, knits, plaids, and leather. Decor also reflects the season with dried grasses/gourds, acorns, colorful leaves on tables, candles, table runners echoing the fall color palette, and touches celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Background of Autumn Clipart

Clipart refers to simple decorative images used to enhance documents, webpages, presentations, invitations, banners, stickers, and more. Autumn-themed clipart contains graphical representations resonating with the fall season – commonly leaves, wreaths, acorns, turkeys, falling leaves, scarecrows, and Thanksgiving icons. These eye-catching graphics help quickly establish the autumn aesthetic.

Examples of Autumn Clipart

Common autumn clipart features:

  • Foliage – falling leaves, leaf piles, leaf wreaths, trees in autumn colors
  • Harvests – baskets of apples/pumpkins/gourds, cornucopias
  • Symbols – acorns, rakes, scarecrows, hay bales, corn
  • Seasonal – turkeys, horn of plenty, pies, autumn floral bouquets
  • Halloween – bats, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses, witches
  • Thanksgiving – turkeys, autumn wreaths, cornucopias, pie, gourds

Using Autumn Clipart

Autumn clipart sees wide use across:

  • Party invitations – Illustrate fall birthdays, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving gatherings
  • Classroom bulletins – Communicate the season in classroom boards
  • Advertisements/sales flyers – Promote autumn products, sales, festivals
  • Seasonal signage – Welcome signs with fall clipart instantly signal the season
  • Crafts – Place clipart on wood signs, gift tags, scrapbooking pages
  • Digital products – Apps, websites, presentations use fall graphics to resonate with users
  • Social media posts – Facebook headers, Instagram stories, tweets share seasonal clipart

The vibrant colors and nostalgic symbols in autumn clipart help set a warm, seasonal mood that people deeply respond to. They make excellent visual tools for anyone looking to celebrate and communicate the spirit of the fall season.

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